Soundcloud Gems: the femme edition

If you're looking for good music to listen to that isn't the same mainstream, repetitive kind of sound that gets pretty old after a while, there is some amazing music on Soundcloud that you'll want to keep to yourself like a secret once you discover it. We hand-picked five of some of the most underrated artists making great music, and we know you'll love them. 


Andrea Valle's EP "The Way It Goes" is a smooth five-track project of melodies that stick in your mind long after you listen. She has a soft R&B sound and relatable lyrics that sound like poetry. Her song "One Question" has 17k plays already, so go check it out along with the rest of the EP!



Eri Soul's "Emotions" EP has a fitting name, because listening to it will definitely get you in touch with your emotions. Her dreamy vocals and honest lyrics are addictive; her song "Rebirth" talks about her letting go of negativity and transcending, and her song "Atlanta Girls" is a fun anthem about girls from Atlanta. Eri Soul's expressive, instrumental sound is definitely worth a listen. 




Yani Mo's "Space & Simplicity: Pt. 1" project has an intimate vibe that is hard to find in mainstream music. She combines rapping with soulful symphonies, and the product is something almost perfect. My personal favorite from the project, "Rewind", is an openly sensual track, but "Roll Call" has more funk and bass. Yani Mo, overall, is someone you'd be lucky to discover. Space & Simplicity is available for download on her website,



Kelsey Lu is a classically trained cellist; I think that in itself should explain how unique and entrancing her music is. When I first heard Her song "Morning After Coffee", I had to play it over again three or four times. She has a soft, smooth voice that reminds me a lot of Ibeyi. Her amazing instrumental skill and dreamy sound are enough to leaving you craving for more and wondering why you hadn't found her sooner. At least, that's how I felt. 



I don't know how to describe it, but Mizan K's music has something about it that makes it impossible to not enjoy. It might be her flawless combination of a soulful voice and upbeat tempos, or her simple yet poetic lyrics. Whatever it is, it makes her "Dark Blue" EP a pleasure to indulge. She has a sound that reminds me of Solange and Alina Baraz, which is a mixture that means it won't be long before your friends know about her too.