on ego and pride


Jaded magazine is my safe space. Just as Church is for some and nightclubs are for others. This tiny corner of the internet was created for marginalized voices, to allow us to be heard and to keep us safe. I cannot imagine the pain one must feel when their safe space is infiltrated by hate, when all sense of security is lost in the face of guns, violence and death.


Who do you become when the world does not allow you to be yourself? What becomes of the ego once you cannot take pride in who and how you live and love? Hate cannot drive out hate - but what is one left to do when love does not seem to drive out hate either?  Will things ever change?


It feels like this battle for peace or at least some level of stability is insurmountable. It feels like the very people who are meant to protect our safe spaces from outside threats are the ones condoning hate by spewing racist, homophobic, and anti muslim rhetoric. It feels like we can never truly be prideful of who we are when we face such great risks. And yet we still try. We still march and we still hope and I still write. I don’t know what keeps the human spirit going but I know we should keep going for our ego, for ourselves.


So this month we want to talk about ego, and pride. About how the two are as interconnected as our social identities. About how we experience the world through our various colored perspectives. And most importantly, we want to discuss how we should live our lives as our authentic selvesdespite the many horrors we face to keep us from having pride in who we are.


Power to The People,