In My Head + In My Heart


This daffodil represents a lot of things and steps in my life. The main view is the musical Big Fish, which is the school musical we did while I was a sophomore. I made unforgettable memories with so many amazing and talented people. There is a song called "Daffodils" at the end of act 1, which is how the main character Edward won over his wife Sandra. I look at this daffodil and know that I'm at a place where I am myself, and I am comfortable. This particular daffodil was given to every cast member in Big Fish for The Gene Kelly Awards for excellence in high school musical theater. That night, we won the Best Musical award for budget category 3, one of the most honorable awards you can win. Knowing that all the hard work didn't only pay off in enlightening those who saw the show, but getting acknowledged for it through excellence is amazing. I can look ahead towards the future with a foundation of this memory to move me along and remind me that I am enough.


This book of poems was given to me by one of my closest friends. I keep this book close to my heart because the letter she wrote to me on the inside cover is a constant reminder that I should never be complacent or too afraid of my future. "Lacunae" means to literally have an unfilled space in ones life. I like to believe that, just like my friend wrote in her letter, I need to fill that void, "no matter what it is and go after it at full speed. Embrace it, hug it, and above all be passionate about it. Because lukewarm is no good."  As the world around me continues to change, this book helps remind me to be authentic and true to myself. And although I don't have all the answers, there is still power in the unknown and unfilled spaces in my life.


Music has and will always be an essential part of my life, whether I am listening or performing. One of my biggest inspirations musically and personally, is Ed Sheeran. Last year, I was lucky enough to meet him and have him sign a book for a future tattoo of mine. Despite its simplicity, the deeper value of the signature and Ed’s position and influence on my life is infinite.