Cis, White, & Straight Is The New Black

The 21st Century has been, in essence, the revival of the Civil Rights Movement. The 21st Century has given way to many civil liberties, and it has been an era of realizations. These realizations have woken up a lot of us and we're speaking our minds. A new age of self-identity has emerged and I've seen communities stand by one another because they share the same problem, they're an oppressed people. POC and LGBTQ+ communities and others alike have decided to 'fight the system'.

    Who is the system? Those who are protected by their privilege and a system built on the backs of the oppressed. These are people who cry about the purity of their nations, empires, streets but are the ones with blood stained bank notes in their pockets. These are people who have never felt the agony of constant fear, not knowing if this so-called "system" will be their judge, jury, and court. However for some strange reason, Cis, White & Straight is the New Black.

    We watched #BlackLivesMatter get turned into #AllLivesMatter because apparently Trayvon Martin did not get shot because of a can of Arizona, a bag of skittles and a damn hoodie! #BlackLivesMatter got turned into #BlueLivesMatter because Philando Castille was a "threat". For centuries, Native Americans lost America (which isn't even its original name) and watched it turn into Amerikkka. Chinyery Emmanuel was killed because he was a black man in Italy. He was a "threat". Donald Trump wants to "Make America Great Again". It was never great. It wasn't even America. South American immigrants, probably one of the backbones of American society, are at risk of being put behind a wall. Muslims are at risk of living in Nazi America.

    Of course, this all goes out the window when one considers what Becky goes through. She has to walk down the street at 5pm. But wait, let's thank God for SketchFactor, the app that tells you which black areas you should avoid. I would love to go into detail why this further perpetuates Cishet, White fragility, but I think Sam Biddle has done a marvelous job in ‘Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods’. Anyways we also have to think about Dave, who can’t get a job because of his lack of experience, his 1.4 GPA but he decides to blame it on…You guessed it, South American immigrants.

    This victim complex that’s constantly on full display among economically stable, cishet whites is further perpetuated by the fact that national and even global representation favors them. I personally think, America, a nation that has changed the world, both positively and negatively, is the perfect example of this. You’d think with a black head of state things would change. I’m definitely not blaming Obama because god knows he’s tried to change things, but he has to through the system.

    Halfway through writing this, I felt like I was going on some misguided rant but I’m not because even though I’ve addressed the problem, there are still individuals who prove that the wrong people are always playing the victim card. I’ve seen people demonized because of things they cannot control. Race. Ability/Disability. Sexual Orientation. It’s haunting and it’s f*cked up that the tormenters, our tormentors don’t see what’s happening. Our oppressors don’t know that mothers are scared every time their children leave home. A man who has built his life up from nothing is so close to being sent back to nothing. Generations of people are at risk of being wiped out. She is too afraid to let the world know who she is because someone might physically beat him back to his senses.

    If you’re reading this, and you just so happen to be cishet and white, I haven’t sugarcoated anything for you. I’m not going to protect your feelings or your conscience if it means pushing back mine, and millions of others. You are not oppressed. We are no threats to you. You need to acknowledge this.

    They say that someone’s pain is immeasurable, but I can tell you that yours is nothing compared to ours.