In Bloom with Vivian

The artist on changing the world, self-love and her  EP, Flowers

Like Steve Jobs, Vivian grew up in the highly competitive community of Palo Alto and she dropped out of college, like Jobs, when she found it wasn’t the best environment to pursue music in. “I knew it would be difficult after leaving school but I really trusted that once I was aligned with my truth everything would fall into place,” she says.

And like Steve Jobs, Vivian is not your typical college dropout. She’s an unusually gifted communicator, who effortlessly expresses complex ideas on life and emotional intelligence with a wisdom beyond her 19 years. She has developed a profound understanding of love, the realm of duality we exist in, and Gaia (the feminine energy of life, the soul of Mother Earth). Oh, and she’s releasing an entire EP with artwork to accompany it.

“I think it’s fucking awesome when people are changing the world,” Vivian declares, letting loose her characteristically charming laugh. “I’m inspired by passion. I’m inspired by people who are fearless.”

Fearless may very well be the best word to describe this up-and-coming artist. Her music style is eclectic, stemming from various different aspects of her life. With inspirations ranging from Bluegrass bands like Crooked Still to strong female vocalists like Stevie Nicks, Vivian would much rather not have her music labeled into a specific genre. Her first single “Feels”, released in the summer of 2015, has an alternative rock vibe to it, however it would be unwise to assume that her entire discography will follow in the same artistic direction.

“The EP is a little journey of love; it’s me exploring all the different types of love. From having an emotionally abusive relationship to then sharing unconditional love in a beautiful relationship with another human being, to finally working on having a beautiful relationship with myself and Gaia.”

Vivian grew up in a TV-free household, which helped her escape the social conditionings taught in the media. She attributes her inner strength to her upbringing and the men and women in her life that inspire her. “I’ve been surrounded by strong women all my life and I’m a strong woman because they were strong before me,” she says.

Vivian’s journey through womanhood has taught her a lot about life, like how her parent’s divorce, though challenging at the time, allowed them to “honor themselves as individuals.” She uses her platform on Twitter to share with her followers the lessons she’s learned. After following her for a few months you might have a pretty decent grasp on the concept of self-love and human beings being love itself. “The love we feel for other people is really the reflection of love that we have for ourselves,” Vivian states.

Listen to Vivian's debut EP, 'Flowers' below.